Video Conferencing

Skytel Video

Video conferencing and collaboration in the cloud.

Skytel Systems provides organizations of all sizes with cloud-based video conferencing solutions. Connect with clients and co-workers alike with direct point-to-point conferencing or multipoint virtual meetings. Skytel Video provides real-time collaboration, decreases decision-making time, increases productivity and reduces travel expenses.

Face to Face

Meet face-to-face anywhere in the world.

Skytel works wherever you do. Use Skytel Video for face-to-face collaboration in your office, at another facility, at your home or in the airport. Stream virtual meetings anywhere, at any time, across any network, using any mobile device.

Scale without hardware.

Skytel Video is delivered via the cloud, allowing you to offer video-conferencing capabilities to new employees without an expensive hardware outlay. All you need is an Internet connection and a mobile device and you’re ready to join a virtual meeting.

Scale Up Effortlessly
Share and Cllaborate

Share and collaborate in real time.

With Skytel Video, you can dispense with sharing documents and other digital resources via email or other means prior to meetings. Conveniently display documents to all video conference participants with a simple click of a mouse.

Skytel Business Video Conferencing

Bring Simplicity to Meeting Room Collaboration

Skytel Video Collaboration is suitable for use in any head office and branch office. Skytel Video Collaboration Solution users achieve efficient collaboration, faster decision making and lower travel costs with the freedom and flexibility of a unified communications system.